Firearms law is one of the most intricate and fast changing.No one wants guns in the hands of irresponsible people. But what about when they take them from a responsible person?

What about the person who has been a lifelong shooter, never had a problem, but is all of a sudden turned down for a new purchase. Or falsely accused of a crime or domestic violence?

Even a mistaken denial or falsely alleged claim may mean you have to get all your firearms out of your possession (read: Your house or anywhere YOU have access to.)

The police are the first ones most people call to come take them. They are the last people you want to have control of personal firearms. Did you know that a purchase denial (called a Brady Denial) may be the first step toward the BATFE destroying your firearms, and a lot more quickly than you might expect?

Besides attacking the underlying charges to get them dismissed we can offer Brady – proof storage so you don’t have to turn them over to the police, ergo the BATFE who like nothing better than melting them down. And no they don’t care if it is the gun your grandfather carried in WWI or an antique that is only for display.

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