Estates Trusts & Probate

ESTATE LAW isn’t just for the rich.

Your estate is more than just your money.  You have a lot of decisions to make, such as who will care for your children when you are gone? How should they be cared for? How can my investment plan work with my estate to maximize what I transfer to the next generation and how do I protect it all?

If you have children you need a will at the very least. Do you need to protect a person from their own spending habits? What about an uneven distribution to family members? There are correct and incorrect ways to do this. Do it right and your plan works, do it incorrectly and the wrong people or the state get(s) the assets you wanted to last for the care of a loved one.

Special Needs Trusts

If you care for a disabled person or child, you should know about special needs trusts that can protect property and money while allowing a person to have the state pay for expensive services.

Planning involves more than just avoiding unnecessary taxes, it is essential to keeping your family or family business going. There are many places on the web to buy a “will” or a “trust” but how do you know it’s valid here in Connecticut? DId you know that how a trust is used is possibly more important than how it is formed? Using it the wrong way can easily result in it being broken by a court, the assets drained, and dreams ruined.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning can preserve a large portion of your estate, but only if you do it early. Did you know there are strategies for transferring large amounts of assets even within a day of going into a nursing home? It still takes planning.

By the way, all those people telling you to get a trust to avoid probate fees? Uh-Uh. Trusts don’t automatically do that. Planning, proper and early set up of the estate and gifting/annuity tactics. That’s what does it!

We have a 2-hour Asset Management and Planning meeting for $485 that will inform you about these and other actions you can take right now to protect your or your loved one’s assets.

Powers of Attorney, Fiduciaries, Conservators, and Guardians

Does someone you know need help making decisions? Keeping their banking straight or simply protection from those who take advantage of the infirm? Is a child in line for a large settlement? Depending on their medical condition, age, and reasons, there are several strategies we can employ to protect them.

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