Attorney Bruce Gordon & his staff are dedicated to high-quality service & relentless representation. Our biggest desire is to help you navigate your legal problems as quickly & efficiently as possible.


Our goals are based on your needs.

Well into my Third Decade as an Attorney, I still go to work energized to help our clients.

There are constant changes in Support, Trusts and Estates, Divorce, Firearms Regulations, new statutes such as the Stalking Statute or how the courts are viewing issues. My focus is on how does that affect what my clients are going through right now, and how can they better prepare for changes in the future.

Bruce S. Gordon
Your Family Lawyer

Practice Areas

Our Practice is focused on the needs of the family through all stages of life.

Family Law

Divorce child custody/visitation, support, education and more. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.


Properly distrubuting the estate left behind by a deceased individual.

Child Support

Initiating child support for the first time or trying to increase or decrease the child support amount, we will provide you with experienced legal representation with the best interest of your child in mind.

Trusts (Including Special Needs)

Passing property from one person to another through a Trust can be a complicated legal matter if not done correctly.


Our office can help you navigate the DCF’s (Department of Children and Families) together.

Child Custody

In order to be granted child custody, you will have to prove that maintaining custody of your child is in their best interest.


Preserve, manage, & disbritue your individual assets properly after death.

Firearms Law

Firearms can be extreamly complex depending on your criminal background, as well as where you live.

Why Do Clients Trust in Our Firms Strategies?

We advise clients about expenses so they may make an informed choice about how to proceed. Whether it is the person who wants a trust but has no reason for one other than having heard it can be helpful, to the person who didn’t know a trust can prevent loss of assets to a child not yet ready to assume control, we see each person as unique. Two very similar events will trigger different needs for different people. The current issues have to be looked at with a knowledge of each person’s goals, means of dealing with problems, and understanding of all this and the legal system.

“Bruce explained everything to me so that I would understand the entire process.”

At the Law Offices of Bruce S. Gordon, you will NEVER be treated as “just another case number”. Our office prides itself on listening to each client thoroughly & coming up with a custom solution to serve your best legal interests.

  20+ Years of Experience in Various Cases

The right effort at the right time. That is why we are your firm for All Your Family’s Legal Needs.

Why Choose Us

Our focus is about providing the results that your family deserves


We deliver you direct, honest advise you truly require.


Our priority is to enable you to get the outcomes your family merits.


Our firm specializes in cases involving family matters


Every case we handle is unique & each client is provided personalized legal counsel

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Our free initial consultation is a great way to introduce your legal matter to our office. We will discuss your issues and concerns about your situation & what direction you should take moving forward.

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